Proyectos del Labjusticia
Publicaciones Académicas
De Francisco Vela, S., Guzmán-Abello, L., Pardo Rodríguez, S., Vanegas Herrera, L, V., Feghali Vargas, N., & Padilla Casas, C. (2021, October 6-9). Access To Justice Design Lab: Bringing Solutions To Justice And Breaking Barriers Through Transdisciplinarity. [Conference presentation abstract]. 4S Annual Meeting, Good Relations: Practices and Methods in Unequal and Uncertain Worlds, 070. Disciplinary Translations in Science and Society - II, Toronto, Canada.
Padilla Casas, C., Feghali Vargas, N., Vanegas Herrera, L, V., Guzmán-Abello, L., Pardo Rodríguez, S., & De Francisco Vela, S. (2021).  Designing legal interfaces: Transforming the digital services of a Legal Aid Clinic. In the 5th International Conference on Design and Digital Communication, Digicom 2021. (Accepted)
De Francisco Vela, S., Guzmán-Abello, L., & Pardo Rodríguez, S. (2021). Design for Justice Lab. Interdisciplinarity in times of virtual education. In the 6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers, Engaging with Challenges in Design Education 2021. (Accepted). 
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